5 Days Masterclass and Challenge

to Attract Aligned

High Ticket Clients

During this self-guided masterclass and challenge, you will:

  • Elevate align your money stories with wealth creation
  • Dial-in your high ticket, high impact, high integrity offer
  • Consistently attract Sweet Spot clients
  • Change the energy around how you make offers
  • Craft a message that calls in clients ready to invest
  • Design a Free to VIP journey for high ticket clients
  • Network with leaders who care about equity, access and inclusive social impact.

**I will teach my no BS Sales Flow **

5 Days to Attract Aligned

High Ticket Clients

During this self-guided masterclass and challenge, you will:

  • Elevate your mindset and money stories to align with your values
  • Dial-in your high ticket, high impact offer
  • Consistently attract Sweet Spot clients

  • Change the energy around
  • how you make offers
  • Create a message and content that calls in clients ready to invest
  • My most powerful high impact and high integrity
  • Build a Free to VIP customer journey that is a high integrity path to high ticket sales
  • Network with other leaders who care deeply about equity and inclusive social impact.

**I will teach you my no BS Salesflow **


  • A coach, consultant, healer, or social innovator on a mission to create a massive impact
  • Ready to serve more people, and build a legacy of impact and income to pay it forward
  • Committed to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Excited to reach the next level of consistent revenue every month
  • Whether that is 10K, 20k, or 50K a month consistently and sustainably
  • An expert at your craft and have gotten people great results
  • A bold action-taker who is ready to show up for this challenge and get results!


  • Shift your mindset so you are not working too hard, over-giving, or undercharging
  • Do less, and earn more so you can take care of yourself, your family, and your community
  • Dial in your high ticket, high impact offer, and a unique solution framework
  • Call in ideal Sweet Spot clients who share your values and are an ideal fit for your service.
  • Streamline your offers and get really clear on your message so you call in more ideal clients
  • Have consistent recurring revenue so that you are grounded and financially free

Day 1 of The High Impact Challenge

“Today begins your commitment to impact and income”

Uncover cultural coding that might be blocking wealth and ease

Own what you desire and embrace High Ticket as High Impact

Stop working “hard” to make great money

Build wealth to share the wealth

Make confident decisions on how to spend $$ to make money

Day 2 of The High Impact Challenge

Own your core values and call in your Sweet Spot Clients

Stop giving away all your f*cks and your energy

Commit to being bold, visible and sharing value

Shift any stories about needing to please others

Trust that you can have pleasurable clients that pay you well

Day 3 of The High Impact Challenge

Elevate your High Impact Offer and pricing

Ensure that your program or service is IMPACT driven

Calibrate your pricing and stop under-charging once and for all

Map out the stages of transformation you help people to achieve

Build your unique solution framework and have fun with branding

Day 4 of The High Impact Challenge

Embrace your story and your solution

Create an outline of your Story Solution Wardrobe

Commit to making offers and making sales

Build a powerful Free to VIP Customer Journey

Create a content wardrobe and system to bring in sales

Day 5 of The High Impact Challenge

Set your motivation and commitment to continue the challenge

Dial-in accountability and next steps to reach your goals

Stay in flow and on track for big impact and income

Identify the 3 levels of support you need to stay in track

*Winner of the Challenge will be announced at the end of Day 5!

What does it mean to scale in integrity?

The term scale is tossed around a lot in the entrepreneurial space. But what does it mean?

To scale means to make more money while spending less time and other resources to earn that larger amount.

The old-world bro-business way to scale looks like:

1. Raising rates constantly and pricing out large groups of people you want to serve.

2. Cramming more people into a group program with no thought to the impact or result

3. Giving no thought to the unique needs of diverse clients.

4,. Making programs more formulaic serve larger numbers of people

The High Impact and High Integrity Path to scale looks like:

1. Building a profitable social impact business model that creates wealth and access.

2. Defining a sweet spot niche of clients that can afford your high ticket and creating a sponsorship for those who can't.

3. Ensuring your program does not ever compromise results for numbers.

4. Building a diverse team and paying them well to help you serve more people.

5.Bringing in partners, other coaches, and additional resources to create BETTER results as your programs grow

Get Started Now!

Hey, I’m Brigette! I’m a No B.S. Business Coach for coaches, consultants, and healers who want to earn more and serve more clients without compromising quality or their commitment to equity and inclusion.

I am on a mission to disrupt toxic capitalist models and help you build a sustainable and scale-able business model without replicating harmful systems.

My superpower is connecting entrepreneurs, who are motivated by impact more than income. And, to help good people create wealth and redistribute it to historically marginalized groups.

I cultivate diverse and inclusive spaces that uphold these core values:

  • Commitment to anti-racism, equity, and social justice

  • Awareness of privilege and centering BIPOC voices

  • Honoring sacred wisdom an avoiding cultural appropriation, spiritual bypass, and racial gaslighting

  • Marketing that is not coercive or manipulative

Aligned with my values? If so, I look forward to seeing you at the workshop and being in community!

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